Sporting*Goods: RG3 Drama & Little League World Series



Will I make it from the student loans to a Benz-o? / Like old folks pissin, I guess it all (Depends), oh, oh – Kanye WestLate

Pretty hard to believe that Kanye West’s Late Registration was released ten years ago yesterday. It’s even harder to believe that Yeezy announced that he will be running for president in 2020 on the album’s anniversary, but then again no one should be surprised to what Kanye does anymore just like no one should be surprised by how dysfunctional the Washington Redskins can truly be.

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A year ago we were talking about the Redskins’ handling of their franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III and today the narrative has not changed. Griffin has officially reached rock bottom, being passed up as the starting quarterback in favor of Kirk Cousins. Yikes. Clearly the Redskins are a mess and speaking of messes what is going on with Derrick Rose? Are the reports going around true?

Find out what Rose is on the hook for in addition to the Little League World Series winners and more in this edition of Sporting*Goods.