Sporting*Goods: Geno Smith’s Glass Jaw & LeBron’s Grand Gesture



You shouldn’t throw stones / If you live in a glass house / And if you got a glass jaw / You should watch your mouth / Cause I’ll break your face. – 50 CentPatiently Waiting

How fast time flies. I started–with a TON of help and guidance from my Editor-In-Chief Kymmi CeeSporting*Goods exactly one year ago today and in that time there have been crazy stories, awesome violations and everything in between. We saw LeBron James head back to Cleveland, Mo’Ne Davis run sh*t at the Little League World Series and the rise of Stephen Curry. We also saw Ray Rice chin check his wife for all the world to see, Hulk Hogan drop the N bomb and Roger Goodell f–k up in every meaning of the word. I hope our next year is just as good as our annual one and again thank you for reading.

To celebrate a year of Sporting*Goods I made a call to a good friend of mine, Geno Smith from my New York Jets. Sports stories were slow and I needed something to take the top spot in this week’s countdown and my boy Geno came through. Not only did he pick a fight with some bum in the locker room, but he got his jaw rearranged and will miss six to ten weeks. What a pal! Everyone make sure to send Geno a thank you card and on behalf of Jets Nation I would like to say never come back Geno. Turn around, run and never ever ever ever ever come back.

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Geno’s glass jaw was not the only thing that broke this week, quite a bunch of news did too. See what else went on in this edition of Sporting*Goods.