Sporting*Goods: Football Is Back (Sort Of) & Floyd Mayweather Jr. Names Final Opponent



Young n—a got it bad ’cause I’m brown / And not the other color so police think / They have the authority to kill a minority – N.W.A.F–k The Police

Before we get into any sports stuff we have to address what happened in Ferguson, Missouri last night. Exactly one year ago Sunday Michael Brown was killed by the coward known to the public as “officer” Darren Wilson. The shooting sparked days of protests and utter chaos with citizens appalled that the police could get away with such a heinous act. A year later the police have not stepped back and changed the way they conduct themselves.

In addition to the countless police killings since then–Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland–the biggest slap in the face from the largest gang in America came last night in, you guessed it, Ferguson. During protests last night another civilian, unarmed as far as I know at the time of the writing, was gunned down by police. Clearly we haven’t made any progress as a nation at that is depressing.  I hope one day that the power police currently hold over the people they are supposed to protect evens out and people like Darren Wilson become a rarity instead of a dime a dozen.

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Let’s see what went down in the sports world this week in this edition of Sporting*Goods.