WTF Happened In Sports This Week: DeAndre Hopkins Puts DeAngelo Hall In A Body Bag & USA Basketball Minicamp



Before we start anything I’ll tell you right now, we do not have the footage of Geno Smith getting chin checked by a no name (although I wish I did). We do however have footage of DeAndre Hopkins putting DeAngelo Hall in a cradle which is a solid consolation prize. What’s even better is that football season is officially underway with the NFL kicking off its preseason meaning there are only four weeks left until real football.

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But wait there’s more! USA Basketball kicked off its minicamp and all the stars came out to play. Kevin Durant is back in action and looks like he hasn’t missed a step. Both Blake Griffin and Klay Thompson are still in playoff mode, but the biggest surprise out of minicamp has to be Victor Oladipo of the Orlando Magic. Oladipo has used this camp as a coming out party and the rest of the NBA better take notice.

See what Oladipo has been up to in addition to what else went on in this edition of WTF Happened In Sports This Week.