50 Cent Tells Bankruptcy Court He Spends $108,000 In Monthly Expenses



Following the cool $5 million 50 cent was ordered to pay Lastonia Levistion in what seemed to be the never ending sex tape trial was another $2 million determined in punitive damages. Before punitive damages were accounted for, however, the rapper was quick to file for bankruptcy, claiming he didn’t have the money, or just didn’t want to pay any additional charges.

50 Cent Has Just Filed For Bankruptcy

His bankruptcy cry at first had fallen on deaf ears, but now the Can’t Help Myself artist is making his claim in court, saying he spends around $108,000 on his monthly expenses, $72,000 of that just to keep up his lavish mansion. 50 Cent’s total monthly income reaches $185,000. This statement complimented the notion that he brought up when he said he didn’t have the amount of money the court was asking for.

Other significant charges weighing in are the $12,100 he collectively owes in monthly child support for two children and other auto and luxury related costs.

50 Cent Ordered To Pay Additional $2M In Punitive Damages

Of course, we will keep readers updated as more information regarding the matter becomes available.


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