Wiz Khalifa Drops ‘Stayin Out All Night’ Remix Ft. Fall Out Boy

As The Boyz of Zummer Tour is drawing to a close, the power duo that is Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy have one more trick up their sleeves that they’d like to share. Originally released on Wiz’s 2014 album Blacc Hollywood, ‘Stayin Up All Night’ has been remixed to adhere to Boyz of Zummer standards. Featuring the always phenomenal Fall Out Boy, the collab is the perfect way to close, not to mention celebrate, one of the season’s hottest series of shows.

Wiz Khalifa Presents Ep. 1 Of The Boyz Of Zummer Tour, DayToday

Check out the dream team’s sick rendition of the track for yourself up top!