Tink’s New Mixtape Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Via Thinkpynk.com

Via Thinkpynk.com

Tink has definitely been gaining a lot of attention lately, especially since her single “Million.” However, we haven’t really seen much in regards to an album or mixtape after Winter’s Diary 2 dropped, which is claimed to be some of the artist’s best work. But now with some great singles under her belt, Timbaland‘s protégée has recently announced that the fun is not yet over, she plans on releasing another mixtape this month, Winter’s Diary 3.

While an exact date has not been confirmed, according to the R&B star’s tweet, we should expect the mixtape in around two weeks.

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Another project we are also patiently waiting for is Tink’s debut album, executively produced by Timbaland, which is still in the works. Until that is released however, Winter’s Diary 3 will definitely hold us over.