Rick Ross Released From Jail on $2 Million Bail

Rick Ross is finally free.

After a week of being in jail for attacking his groundskeeper and causing substantial neck and jaw injuries, Ricky Rozay has posted a $2 million bail (after previously being denied bond). The bail apparently is broken down into a $1 million equity for the Holyfield mansion, as well as another property, $500,000 surety bond, and $500,000 in cash. Ross has also agreed to turn over his Holyfield property if he intimidates or threatens any witnesses. Lastly, he will have to wear an ankle bracelet.

Rick Ross & His Bodyguard Face Kidnapping and Assault Charges, Denied Bond

After his court appearance yesterday (July 1), Ross’ medical records have also been sealed for unknown reasons. On Tuesday (July 7) Rick Ross will appear in court again to discuss his bond.