Meek Mill Talks ‘All Eyes On You’, ‘DWMTM’, & Being Assaulted By Cops with Angie Martinez

Meek Mill is having a pretty great year, thus far, so of course he has some things to say about it.

After finally releasing his sophomore LP Dreams Worth More Than Money, Meek Mill is finally opening up about it. It’s no secret that the album experienced several delays, in part, due to the rapper’s jail sentence, so it’s not a surprise Meek is being tight lipped about the album. It’s probably hard to believe it’s finally out! Or maybe he was waiting to discuss it with just the right person. Apparently, Angie Martinez is just the right person. Meek Mill stopped by Power 105 and had a little chat with the radio personality that included the album, Nicki Minaj, and being assaulted by cops.

On Dreams Worth More Than Money

We got some heat on there. We got all the all-stars from the game on there. But, you know we got some real heartfelt songs on there. It’s just serious.

On “All Eyes On You”

It’s me and Nicki first time really being on anything since everybody been really like seeing us together. [In the studio] it’s a war going on. Nicki wanna do one thing, and I wanna do one thing too, you know. Most of the time she wins. It’s like world war 3 going on. She fought for this song -cause you know I don’t really do the commercial type songs- but she fought for me to do that, and it ┬ácame out terrific. ‘Cause you know that’s what she do. That’s what comes with having a hustler as your lady.

On being assaulted by cops

I was like eighteen at the time, probably 140 pounds at the time. Got locked up by the cops -I can’t even say they was white- they was all back. Every last one of them. Stunning me to the floor, all types of stuff. They said I pointed a gun at them, which I got found guilty for. But, you know, if I would’ve pointed a gun at five cops. You know what would’ve happened, right?