Meek Mill Goes On Twitter Rant, Accuses Drake of Not Writing His Raps



Meek Mill might’ve just dropped a nice album and may be dating one of the hottest chicks in the game, but it’s safe to say he’s taken everything way too far.

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Last night (July 21) until the wee hours of this morning, Meek Mill went on a very intriguing Twitter rant and made some very interesting allegations. He talked everything from album sales to album features (mainly Drake). With that being said, he accused Drake of not writing his own raps. Yes, the one and only Aubrey Drake Graham.

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If Drake isn’t writing his own raps, everyone wants to know who was with Courtney from Hooters on Peach Tree? Seriously. But, in the meantime, as this entire thing continues to unfold, read his tweets below.

He continues by trying to make it clear that if another rapper – like Hov, for instance – were discovered to not write their own raps, he would do the same thing.

But then he immediately continues in on Drake…