Meek Mill Disses Drake Again During Pinkprint Concert Tour

Meek Mill hasn’t been one to keep his opinions to himself, especially when it comes to Drake. Recently in the Drake vs Meek war, Drizzy fired off a diss track to all his haters last week, titled “Charged Up.” Well, the Philadelphia rapper didn’t take too kind to that and called his rival’s disses “baby lotion soft.”

Meek took the stage during the Pinkprint tour’s stop in Brooklyn to further make it clear that he is not here for Drizzy’s rhymes, whether they were written by him or not. While he had hold of the mic the Meek had a few comments to say about “Charged Up.” Take a peek at some of his words, into the video above.

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“I was on Instagram or Twitter, something yesterday and I heard he fired off and I heard it; that s*** was very soft. Baby lotion soft,” Meek began yet another rant.  However, if you continue watching the video gets only better, the Philadelphia rapper mentions, again, the verse that Drake supposedly didn’t write on Mill’s track “R.I.C.O.”

Now if we all remember the first time Meek went on a Drake rant was on Twitter, accusing him on nor writing his own raps. Twitter is also where he first mentioned how Drake didn’t tweet his album because he knew that Meek had found out he didn’t write the verse that appeared on Meek’s album.

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The video ends with Meek giving a shout out to Biggie and Tupac. “But I’ma let you know, when it comes to this rap this, Biggie and 2pac died as the greatest, if you wanna give somebody the greatest of this s*** when make sure when it comes to your pen game they keep it one hundred, cause there’s levels to this shit.”

The next performance Meek is scheduled for is in Drake’s hometown, Toronto Canada tomorrow (July 28). Which should be interesting.

Well, Drake it looks like it’s your move now.