Meek Mill Talks Nicki Minaj, Drake Beef And More With Billboard Magazine



No one’s name has been in the news recently quite like Meek Mill. After calling out Drake on Twitter Meek has been embarrassed on social media and by Drizzy. But now the Philly rapper tells his piece in his interview with Billboard. In addition to addressing the elephant in the room (Drake), he talks about his relationship with Nicki Minajhis fear to “be political and many more”.

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Being called soft in relationship with Nicki

“You can’t be hard all the time man. There’s both sides to everything. What’s wrong with it? Jay Z was a street rapper and he had a girlfriend.”

Coming up in the Philly rap scene

“You have two people ­standing face-to-face, saying the illest shit you could think of about the next person, and you’re doing it while you’re fully loaded and they’re fully loaded. For the love of hip-hop, we was taking risks like that.”

On voicing his political opinion

“I’m scared to be political. You get too powerful and more people try to take you out. My son ain’t trying to hear that his dad got put away because he was fighting for the country.”

Come on, you didn’t expect to get any Drake related quotes did you? Read the rest of the interview here or get the August 8th issue of Billboard.