Madonna’s Hacker Gets 14 Month Prison Sentence


Late last year, Israeli hacker Adi Lederman leaked songs off of Madonna’s unfinished work ‘Rebel Heart.’ Making a profit off of the singer’s unreleased tracks, the criminal act has now landed him 14 months behind bars.

The leak forced album production time to speed up, a six track EP was released on December 21st and the full album was put out in March, nearly a month before it’s intended release date. Even after careful practices ensuring that none of the singer’s music could possibly be outed, Lederman found a way to get the music to the public.

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According to Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary said the Madonna,

“was devastated — I mean, devastated and sickened that someone would do this to her and not allow her the chance to share the finished product with people.”

Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court decided Lederman’s fate this past Thursday (July 9) sentencing him to prison on a number of counts. They are, but not limited to, “computer trespassing, prohibited secret monitoring and additional computer trespassing, copyright infringement and obstructing investigation.”

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Clearly, a a significant life lesson has been learned here. Don’t. Mess. With. Madonna.  After all, bi**h she’s Madonna.