Lil Wayne’s Interview With Q93’s Wild Wayne Highlights

Lil Wayne lets Q93’s Wild Wayne in on his thoughts about Young Thug’s album and it’s similarities to Wayne’s. The ‘Lolipop’ rapper also shares his first thoughts on Drake when Young Money Cash Money Records first started.  And lastly, Weezy’s shares his most memorable moments in his hiphop career and announces a surprise Lil Weezyana Fest.

Lil Wayne Announces ‘Free Weezy Album’ Release Date 

On Young Thug’s Barter 6:

His was different. When we did it, we had no problem saying, “Yeah, we don’t need no Juve. This is 500 Degreez.” Thug came out and said, “I’m naming my album such-and-such because of props. And I’m such a fan.” That’s a total different approach. I’d have to be a monster to overlook that. I’m not that type of person. I’d have to be a monster to say, “I don’t believe you.” If he says it’s from the heart and he’s some kind of fan, then I love him. Thanks bruh.  I appreciate everything about it, if he’s a fan.

On Drake:

I heard Drizzy and I was like you know like, I don’t know. What is this? And truthfully when I seen him, I was like I don’t know, you know like, I’m not sure because what I mean by that is it was so honest.  The music was so honest. We as listeners, we weren’t use to that yet.

On most memorable moment in hiphop:

Probably would be hearing my name called for my first Grammy. That day. Other than that just getting a text from Jay Z. Everybody that knows Lil Wayne, knows I’m the biggest Jay Z fan. Just getting personal texts, and not just little texts about, “Yeah, there was a song I heard. I saw what you said that’s cool. Thanks.” Getting real texts from Jay Z, that right there is a highlight everyday. I can’t even front.

On Lil Weezyana Fest:

New Orleans, finally, I got this new thing it’s called the Lil Weezyana Fest, it’s Friday, August 28, I repeat, it’s the Lil Weezyana Fest, Friday, August 28. The venue is at Champion Square. I’m coming home to give the city a real real real show for all the years of support, man.  New Orleans ain’t seen me on tour in the past three major tours because of logistics and all that so I had to come back to the city and do a REAL show. And this time I’m bringing some of my good friends from the industry. AND its the ten year anniversary of Katrina so it’s only right.