Kanye West Lasts Only 13 Mins At Pam Am Games

Despite the petition and over 52,000 signatures going against him, Kanye West performed at the Pam Am Games. Those rooting for the rapper would be shocked however, as his performance only lasted 13 minutes. His short appearance is said to be to technical difficulties.

West’s performance consisted of a meledy which started off with “Stronger.” Later the “All Day” rapper proceeded with “Power,” “Black Skinhead,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Touch the Sky,” “The Good Life,” and “All of the Lights.”

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Kanye’s feature was cut short when he abruptly hurled his mic in the air and walked off stage in his Yeezy 350 Boosts, as you can see in the clip above. It hasn’t been confirmed what technical difficulties were the cause of the interruption but the organizers of the Pam Am Games were sure to tweet everyone a thanks for coming.

Hopefully, Kanye will provide a better explanation soon.