Ghostface Killah Warns Action Bronson: ‘I Gave You A Grace Period’

If there is one thing Action Bronson learned today it’s to make sure to stay on the good side of rapper, Ghostface Killah.

Sparks began to fly between the two rappers after Bronson appeared on ESPN’s Sports Nation, earlier this month, where it was mentioned that the two rappers sounded very similar. “I think it’s indifferent at this point. People compare Coke and Pepsi. People compare everything. No matter what, you’re going to get a comparison to something. I’m just glad it’s one of the greats.” However, the controversy came when the interview decided to joke that Ghostface may have some new material, meaning Bronson’s.

“He’s not rapping like this no more… just being honest,” responded the “Actin Crazy” rapper. We’re not sure if it was out of nervousness or if he really meant it but at that moment Bronson definitely got on Ghostface’s bad side. Take a look at the clip above to see for yourself.

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It didn’t take long for word to travel back to the ex Wu-tang Clan member and when it did, he had a few words to say of his own. Ghostface decided to make a video addressing the entire situtation.

 “First of all, who gives you the right to mention my name out your motherf***ing mouth.” He directs at the camera, who we can only imagine acted as a stand in Action Bronson at the time. “Boy you done made a mistake boy. You done f***ed up. Because listen man, you could never f*** with my pen, my n***a. My sword, my blade, whatever you want to call it, I’m too nasty for you. This is why the f*** you look up to me, and sound like me…I gave you a grace period” Well, Ghost definitely told us how he really felt.

Ghost also mentioned that him and Action exchanged a few words regarding the ESPN situation. He explains that while Action tweeted about the conflict he later deleted the posts…bad move bro.

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Among the crazy commentary Ghost spills, he does threaten to set Action’s beard on fire and that this is not a race thing. It’s a Ghost and Action Bronson thing. Watch the entire video above.

Thank heavens, Action soon tweeted an apology for all, including Ghostface, to see. Seems like the message is clear, Action Bronson does not want any problems. Oh and he didn’t delete them this time.