Future Talks Having Drake on DS2, Respect for Meek Mill, & Ciara and Russell Wilson on The Breakfast Club

Future is definitely making moves this year.

Preparing for the release of his highly anticipate album DS2, it was only right for the rapper to stop by The Breakfast Club and promote this album the right way. If you had any questions about anything Future related, it’s almost certain he answered them in this interview. The rapper talks about everything from Drake, Meek Mill, and of course, Ciara.

On having only Drake on DS2:

I wasn’t planning on having any features. He called the day I was about to turn the album in. I’m like, “Man, I gotta turn the album in in the morning.” He’s like, “Man, Dirty Sprite 2? That’s legend. I love the first Dirty Sprite. I wanna be a part of this.” I’m like “Dope. Do the verse tonight. I’ll send the song over.” He’s like, “Done.”

On Russel Wilson pushing baby stroller:

Of course I wouldn’t want nobody to push my son. That’s the number one rule. Like if I was a kid and my mama had a dude pushing me, I would jump out the stroller and slap the sh*t outta him. You never do that in our community. You don’t even bring a man around your son. You’ve only known this dude for a few months and you bringing him around your kid. Who does that? Nobody does that.

On Meek Mill:

I do listen to Meek, and I haven’t bought any other album besides his album. I gotta a lot of respect for Meek. The feeling is mutual. Me and Meek keep it one thousand. It’s rare you meet an artist in the game come through for you like you come through for them. Like he don’t charge me and I don’t charge him.