Eminem Addresses ‘Southpaw,’ ‘Phenomenal’ & More In Twitter Q&A

Via Uncova.com

Via Uncova.com

This past Thursday, Eminem invited his fans to  participate in a Twitter Q&A, called #DearSlim, which he was sure to answer the following day. Now while the rapper read through about 90,000 questions, he managed to choose 13 to respond to.

Most of the questions Slim chose to respond to revolved around his upcoming movie, Southpaw, and his most recent music video for his track “Phenomenal.”

Eminem Gives Us Something ‘Phenomenal’

Some points that are very important to anyone tracking the #DearSlim Q&A, well for one there were no stunt doubles in “Phenomenal.” In fact, Shady explained that it was just cameras following him around his normal day to day. Two, the real reason that he didn’t star in Southpaw was because of his nose. Basically, his nose is already messed up and he didn’t want to injure it any further. Finally, Slim’s favorite boxer? Well, Floyd Mayweather of course.

Check out the #DearSlim Q&A on the next page. Trust us, these questions (and Slim’s answers) are good.