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Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, 25-year-old Cozzy has come to bring his southern sound and charm up North. Cozzy’s musical foundation began as early as he can remember. From Elementary School, he has been playing the piano, alto sax and writing his own music. It was not until a few years later that he was inspired by the Geto Boyz’ “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” and took to the mic for the first time. His father “Big Coz” was the driving force that propelled him to pursue music full-time and since that moment there has been no looking back. His sound is distinct in that it rings as a blend of “hip hop with a country soul,” which can be attributed to his southern roots and love for all forms of hip-hop. Fresh off of his “Take 5” mixtape release, Cozzy has has finally found his sound; a sound that can be attributed to his daily struggles, Black issues in America and smooth Southern vibes. He is bringing a new wave of thought provoking music in an age of rap that has been highly questioned on its meaningfulness.

On his dedication to creating music, he states: “I motivate myself with the help of the world.” Now he’s just waiting for the world to respond to the art he throws back.

Interview by Michelle Locke (@mishtheishh)

GFM: Being originally from Florida, what made you want to move to NJ? 

C: I’m currently living in Elmwood Park, NJ because I just had to get closer to the MECCA of New York.  I know the East Coast media market is out here. There’s somewhat of a ceiling where I’m from in Florida, so I had to come give up North a shot.

Tell me about your latest project ‘Take 5’.

C: ‘Take 5’ is a 5-track project that I put together.  I wanted to get people that are not familiar with me into my sound but I also wanted to give my dedicated fans something to hold onto because I haven’t put out something in a year. I’m currently working on my next project, it still doesn’t have a name but I have about half of the songs done. I was leaning towards an Interlude theme, like have everybody take a break from what they’re doing to listen to my flow for a second and go back to regular scheduled program. I wanna get people hip to this playa sh*t and then they can go back to listening to whatever they were listening to *laughs*.

That Playa Sh*t huh? You can take the man out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the man *laughs*; How’d you get started in music?

C: I started piano lessons in elementary school and I played the sax in middle school. I started writing my own music in 6th grade but I didn’t really wanna let people know what I was doing until like my junior year of high school, guess I was a little shy. But I have been in love with music from the beginning; “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” by the Geto Boyz was the first song I remember trying to memorize. As I grew older I got into my Hot Boyz phase , Young Lil Wayne was the man! Watching how young he was rapping with all of the old heads really inspired me. I also remember the first record I ever recorded which was a cover of Boosie’s Wipe Me Down , that sh*t was bad, real terrible *laughs*.

Where’d the name Cozzy come from?

C: People usually think it comes from something really deep but honestly it’s just from my last name, Costen. Everyone always called me little Coz and my dad was big Coz so I kind of just added a Z and a Y on the end.

Who is your biggest music inspiration?

C: Life. Real life situations are my biggest musical inspirations, but I’m the biggest Outkast and UGK fan. I will never forget how UGK and Pimp C stood up for the south, watching them get boo’d at the Source Awards to the them becoming the legends that they are is something very inspiring.

Who are you currently listening to?

C: Logic, Nipsey Hussle, and Future are in my everyday playlist right now.

The Fun Part…

What do you think of the Drake and Meek Beef?

C: I think it’s good for the rap game. I love a competition. I don’t think Drake’s done forreal forreal, they might have to go back and forth a little bit. But at this point Meek is gonna have to come with some Dreams and Nightmares type diss track; he may have to yell for like 20 minutes straight freestyling!

What’re your feelings on the tragic Sam Dubose murder?

C: It’s just unfortunate that it’s so televised now and there has still been no major change. People want to justify their actions but at the end of the day it’s a never ending road. I hope that something is going to change for the better.

Tell us something that not many people know about you.

C: I watch a lot of crime TV. I watch the ID channel more than ESPN. I’ve always been a fan of First 48 but now I’m hip to all these new shows like Southern Fried Homicide! The narrator talks like Paula Dean, some Deep South lady on the damn show but it be real stories though *laughs*!

Would you vote for President Obama if he could run a 3rd time?

C: I don’t know because I’m just not enlightened enough. I don’t even know who I would wanna vote for but I voted for him the last two times though so if he ran again I probably would vote him.

Biggie or Pac?

C: 2 Pac , I ain’t even on his music like that but I’m hip to what he was trying to do before he left. I’m really intrigued by that.

What 2 NBA teams will make it to the finals next year?

C: The Lakers and The Lakers, I don’t give a damn I think were gonna make it every year *laughs*! Clearly I’m biased but I’m also a realist so I think the West is gonna take it again; Cleveland will be back and… The Los Angeles Lakers!

Name 3 things you would take with you if you were stranded on an island for a month:

C: Plenty of French fries and a real comfy reclining chair, I can’t even pick a third one. I got my food and a nice chair to relax! I’d probably use coconuts for water so I’ll be straight.

Even though you were born in 1989, you came of age in the 90’s so what was your favorite 90s TV show?

C: Yeah I’m a hybrid baby, born in September of ’89!  Wayans Brothers was my favorite show on TV by far followed by All That.

Your ultimate Celebrity WCW Award goes tooooo…

C: In the Myspace days it was Lauren London after I watched ATL… but that was kind of tainted after she had a baby with Lil Wayne. Once I started watching The Game I found a new love, Lashontae Heckard.

If you could pick any artist, dead or alive, to do a collab with who would it be?

C: Stevie Wonder, he has some of the best melodies that I’ve ever heard.

Cozzy’s Next Performance

The Earwaxx Sessions 

August 4, 2015

198 Broadway, Amityville NY 11757

Doors Open @ 8 PM

Listen To Cozzy’s ‘Take 5’ Mixtape:

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