Chris Brown Cleared To Leave Philippines After Two Day Hold

Chris Brown has officially been cleared to leave the Philippines Friday (July 24) after a two day hold kept the musician from departing Manila International Airport in regards to an apparent contract dispute that had arisen.

According to an immigration spokeswoman, the hip hop artist secured an emigration clearance certificate (ECC) which clarified that he had no prior legal ties keeping him in the country and asserting his freedom to now leave the Southeast Asian sector.

Chris Brown Banned From Leaving Philippines, Apparent Contract Dispute

Chris Brown was initially being held for failing to make an appearance last New Year’s Eve. The no show landed him a fraudulent complaint, stating that the Ayo artist now owed the country over a million dollars for his failed appearance. Charges were eventually dropped and Brown was able to board his flight to Macua for his next show.

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“Manila it was fun, love y’all man,” the rapper says. “If you’re free to come to Macau — party tonight!”