Charleston Church Shooter Pleads Not Guilty To Charges

Charleston Shooter

The 21 year old man connected with killing the nine civilians at an African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina last month has pleased not guilty to the 33 federal charges presented against him in court today (July 31).

Dylann Roof was indicted at the beginning of the month by a grand jury for a number of charges, including firearm charges and federal hate crimes, not to mention nine counts of murder. The maximum penalty is life in prison with talk of carrying out the death penalty; which continues to be up for further debate.

Charleston Church Shooter Says He Wanted To Start A Race War

South Carolina authorities have also brought to light a website created by the killer, “The Last Rhodesian,” which flaunts a highly racist manifesto and even photos of the Charleston shooter burning an American flag.

After admitting that his intentions were to “start a race war,” Roof’s plead in court today has fallen on deaf ears.

Police Take Charleston Church Shooter To Burger King Immediately After Capture