Chance The Rapper Is The Newest Member Of Taylor Swift’s Killer Squad

Chance & Taylor

Taylor Swift has been rounding up only the best of the best for her immense force for some time now. As of recently, Chance The Rapper has now been inducted into T Swizzle’s unstoppable squad.

As reported, Taylor Swift performed two nights worth of sold out shows at Soldier Field in Chicago. It was here that she dubbed Chicago native, Chance, into her cult, erm, crew. Could this new found friendship influence a possible collab from the two in the near future? Only time will tell.

Watch The Weeknd & Taylor Swift Perform ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Just last week we watched as Taylor Swift brought out PBR&B icon The Weeknd at her 1989 East Rutherford show for a flawless “I Can’t Feel My Face” duet. (Don’t worry Taylor, I’m sure those thousands of kids are completely unaware that the hit is actually about excessive cocaine usage…) Perhaps this onstage collab silently inducted The Weeknd as well? Hmmm….

Taylor Swift Lets Apple Music Stream ‘1989’

Taylor Swift seems to be doing incredibly well with artists within the hip hop genre. After all, we’re still completely in love with her Bad Blood remix featuring Kendrick Lamar. 

Can’t wait to find out who the next inductee will be….