Body Cam Footage Released In Sam DuBose Shooting

Warning: This video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Today (July 29) the authorities have finally decided to release the body cam footage that undoubtedly depicts the tragic and senseless murder of 43 year-old Sam DuBose.

On July 19th, when UC┬ápolice officer, Ray Tensing, pulled over DuBose at a traffic stop for a missing license tag, the conversation between the two began in a calm, polite manner outside of DuBose’s car window. After DuBose is asked for his driver’s license, he admits that he doesn’t have it with him and that he is sorry. Soon after, Tensing tells DuBose to take off his seat belt and reaches to open the car door. From this point, this traffic stop -like so many others- took a turn for the worse and ended yet another African American life.

The video refutes Tensing’s original statement that he was dragged with Dubose’s car and shot him fearing he would be run over. After showing the video to a grand jury, prosecutor Joe Deters announced that Tensing had been indicted for murder. Shortly after, Tensing turned himself in and was fired from the department. He is expected to be arraigned on Thursday.