Sporting*Goods: Becky Hammon Makes NBA History & Hulk Hogan Fired By WWE



Hopefully I won’t fall and hang / Like pictures on the walls of halls of fame –Lupe FiascoHustlaz Song

While I’m sure most of you were consumed by the one-sided feud between Drake and Meek Mill (and Funk Flex’s ancient ass for some reason) this week there was some controversy in the sports world as well. You’re 50 years old fam leave this to the young bulls). Well it is a good thing that Twitter foolishness went down because the only headlines this week in sports were mostly negative. WWE icon Hulk Hogan saw his world officially collapse from underneath him when a video from eight years ago resurfaced and showed Hogan in the same light as Riley Cooper if you catch my drift, prompting WWE to fire him.

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On a much lighter note Becky Hammon and the San Antonio Spurs made some history in the Vegas Summer League, winning the league championship this past Monday. The win was a historic one as Hammon became the first woman to do so. Some history was also made on the diamond as the MLB’s Hall of Fame Class of 2015 was inducted over the weekend with Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson as the headliners.

See what else went down this week–we will not be talking about the USMNT losing to Jamaica in the Gold Cup, but seriously they lost to JAMAICA???–in this edition of Sporting*Goods.