Sporting*Goods: Dez Bryant Gets Paid, Mike Trout Wins ASG MVP & Ty Lawson Gets Traded



Y’all n–s lunching, punching the clock / My function is to make much and lay back munching – Jay-Z  Can’t Knock The Hustle

We are officially midway through the summer and you know what that means—only five more weeks before football saves us from our boredom. Until then baseball will have to do. This week was dominated mostly by stories off the field. The MLB essentially took the whole week off with their All-Star break, but did leave us with enough entertainment on Monday to last us the week with the new format of the Home Run Derby.

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For the first time in forever people were putting the words “exciting” and “baseball” in the same sentence. The new format resembled more of a backyard baseball feel and led to the host team’s star, Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier, to walk off for the win. On Tuesday the attack of the Jersey Boys continued—Frazier plays on Reds, but hails from New Jersey—when Mike Trout picked up where he left off last All-Star Game and took home some hardware of his own.

It wasn’t all baseball though. See what else dominated headlines this week in this edition of Sporting*Goods.