Sporting*Goods: Conor McGregor Becomes New Face Of The UFC & DeAndre Jordan Flakes On Mavs



I’ll be damned momma they know who I am momma / I’m still yo little boy but to them I’m the man momma – Lil Wayne Knuck If You Buck

Becoming the man is no easy task. Becoming the man in a sport like mixed martial arts is a borderline suicide mission. None of that seemed to faze Conor McGregor. Since bursting onto the UFC scene the Irishman has been on a collision course to the top, kicking asses and talking sh*t each step of the way. This past weekend McGregor said he would tear through Chad Mendes and did just that with a knockout victory and cemented himself as the new face of the UFC.

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Someone who could’ve been the man, but decided to reprise his role as the third wheel was none other than DeAndre “Decommitment” Jordan. After agreeing to become the face of the next era for Dallas Mavericks, Jordan remembered that he has no offensive game without Chris Paul and backed out of his deal at the eleventh hour to return to the Clippers in what will go down as the weirdest two days in NBA free agency history. Find out what made Jordan’s indecision so weird in addition to what else went down this week in this edition of Sporting*Goods.