Ariana Grande Continues To Apologize For Doughnut Fiasco, This Time Via YouTube

After publicly apologizing for what reports are calling ‘malicious donut licking’ and her blatant disrespect for The United States in general, Ariana Grande is still in hot water.

Last Saturday (July 4) Ariana Grande was captured via surveillance camera licking the frosted pastries at a donut shop in California on a late night dessert run. Before leaving, the 22 year old actress was clearly captured saying, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Ariana has since apologized for her poor choice of words, stating it was a moment of outrage. Outrage over the food industry and it’s close association with childhood obesity. As an advocate for healthy living, she was utterly offended by the high calorie pastries. Which still doesn’t explain why she was in the shop in the first place. If you’re so against the stuff, why are you even there girl?

Ariana Grande Caught Acting Unusually Peculiar At California Donut Shop

The store’s owner, Joe Martin, is outraged and demanding an apology from the actress. The police as well have recently gotten involved, again, for the sole act of ‘malicious donut licking.’

Even after releasing a written public apology, Ariana has now turned to her personal YouTube channel to further explain her side of the story. What do you think? Has this whole thing gone too far?

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