Apple Is Donating $50 Million To Diversify Tech With More Women And Minorities


Apple is making it a priority to diversify organizations by donating $50 million to non-profits supporting minorities.  The goal is to get more women, minorities, and individuals with different sexual orientations working in tech.  The head of Human Resources at Apple, Denis Young Smith, told Fortune,

We wanted to create opportunities for minority candidates to get their first job at Apple.  There is a tremendous upside to that and we are dogged about the fact that we can’t innovate without being diverse and inclusive.

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Some of the organizations that Apple is donating to includes the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT.)

Apple wants to not only diversify it’s own staff, and tech organizations, but also wants to be an example for any company, in any line of work, that is willing to make a change. Young Smith explains,

In any of these programs we’re really trying to provide focus, impact and a ripple effect – not just on Apple.