A Full Timeline of Bill Cosby’s Legal Troubles

via thinkprogress.org

via thinkprogress.org

There’s no doubt that Bill Cosby has a legacy bound to transcend time. With television classics such as The Cosby Show under his belt, a comedic reputation that has won him several Grammy Awards and platinum selling status, and his role in the drama I Spy—which allowed him to make history as the first African American to co-star in a dramatic series—there’s no denying Cosby’s is talent. However being raised in the Philadelphia projects and ultimately going on to a life of stardom can result in severe mistakes turned legal troubles for just about anyone. Unfortunately, this has been the case for Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby’s Luck Might Have Finally Ran Out

With the television star spending an increasingly large amount of time in the news as of late for rape allegations, it may be difficult to understand just where the legal troubles began for Cosby. Seeing as how his troubles show no end in sight as of yet, we have them all from beginning to…now, right here.

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