50 Cent Ordered To Pay Additional $2M In Punitive Damages


Sorry 50 Cent, no one is buying your cry for bankruptcy.

Although no one is giving the very realistic notion a second thought, what the court has concluded is that the 40 year old rapper should in fact pay more in punitive damages to the emotionally damaged, Lastonia Leviston. Obviously, this ongoing ruling has shown no mercy in Curtis Jackson’s (50 Cent) favor.

These additional charges on top of the $5 million Jackson already owes have now reach a grand total of $7 million. While Leviston’s lawyer originally asked for $15 million, Jackson’s lawyers noted that the total in damages should not surpass about $700,000.

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“We had to compromise. Some wanted (to award) more, some wanted less,” said jury foreman, Tom Evans. “What we came up with seemed to be balanced kind of equation.”

As the court case concluded, still none of the jurors were shaken by the rappers false claims of poverty.

“He has it. He’s 50 Cent. You know he has more than 50 cents,” said another juror, Sylvia Rodriguez. “I don’t think he’s broke. If anything he has it hidden,” she said.

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These freshly determined charges now bring the long term trial to a close.