Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West Come Together For ‘Amber Rose’ In D*C


Amber Rose rose to fame when she appeared on the scene with the post 808’s and Heartbreak Kanye West. The moment we saw her we all stopped and had to ask “Who is that girl he’s with?” As bad as they come with her own signature look, Amber was a star upon arrival.

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Things didn’t workout, but as we know she was scooped up by a young Wiz Khalifa who was riding the wave of “Black and Yellow” and more newfound success. They were an “it” couple whose relationship transcended music and became a representation of culture. They bore a child and were married shortly thereafter.

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Unfortunately, things got messy after Amber filed for divorce citing infidelity as the reason for the split. We never like to see people separate, but more times than not we see that heartbreak leads to the best music.

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Wiz is currently on a musical high with a slew of new music and a number one song. Kanye has been enjoying life after inking his deal with Adidas and running around the world with Kim Kardashian. Both have new albums on the way that they have been extremely tight lipped about. While it isn’t the most artistic match we’ve ever speculated, a collaboration between the two would be perfect given the context of their current career situations.

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Not to bash Ms. Rose who will always be in the running for baddest chick on the planet, you can’t take that away from her – but she’s been acting up these past few months. She’s cursed out Kanye and can’t decide if she wants to be on Wiz’s team or not.

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Wiz has already gone on records to spew venom at his ex, but none of them hit. Backing by Kanye would be the ultimate exclamation point to put Amber in her place a bit.

Not to sound petty, but…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?