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With Jersey roots ingrained in her soul and a gift for creating hypnotizing R&B style music with Jazzy undertones, Lauriana Mae is a flawless talent. Originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey, Lauriana Mae knows exactly what it’s like to be a small town girl with big city dreams. From a very young age, her mother knew she had something special- the soul of a performer.

Lauriana Mae Talks ‘City of Diamonds,’ Influences, & Her Uncanny Love For McDonald’s

In a video release entitled “The Other Side,”  Lauriana talks about how her mother was the first person to introduce her to her first love. That love, was singing. She tells the audience in her intimate monologue how her mother would “teach her songs and record her singing them.” When she got to be a little bit older, Lauriana joined the church choir. It was then that she said, “that was where the music and my soul made the connection.”

Lauriana Mae Kicks Off ‘Month of Mae’ With A Secret Show

It’s hard to believe that such a talented artist was once quite reserved. Especially if you take a look at her music video for ‘Money Mae,” you would never guess after you see the way she works the camera from every angle, totally rocking it. However, it is true that Lauriana was once a shy girl. It was after her acceptance into a performing arts high school that she gained a newly found confidence within herself. After that, nothing could stop her from chasing her dream.

That was just the blessing she needed. Lauriana began auditioning for different platforms that would allow her beautiful voice to start to gain recognition. It was around this time when she started writing personalized pieces of music about things that held a special place in her heart.

“I reflect on the classic jazz vocals I used to hear in my pop pop’s smoke filled truck, from singers such as Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. I am moved by the hip hop beats and lyrics that I study…And I am inspired by the timeless and honest sounds of artists such as Billy Joel and Marvin Gay. I created my own songs by blending the soundtrack of my life all into one unique sound.”

Listen to Lauriana Mae’s ‘City of Diamonds’ EP

Alongside Lauriana is her hometown band of friends ‘The Pains,” who brilliantly accompany her soft, sultry vocals with fluid instrumentals. Lauriana Mae and her band have has since signed with Atlantic Records, one of the country’s biggest labels.

Lauriana Mae released her first EP ‘Love Mae’ back in 2011 with the label. Featured on the lineup are the singles ‘Money Mae,” ‘Love,” and ‘Like A Drum.’ She also introduced the concept of ‘The Month of Mae,”a time (in May) when more content is provided for loyal fans as way she can give more of herself musically.

Lauriana Mae Talks B.o.B., Cee-Lo Green, & Action Bronson Collabs

Lauriana has worked with artists such as Cee-Lo Green, Action Bronson, and B.o.B. Her most recent EP released is entitled ‘City of Diamonds,” which features five amazing songs that everyone should check out on both iTunes and Sound Cloud.


Lauriana City of Diamonds