Tyler, The Creator Talks Golf Media, Name Origin & Wanting To Start A Cult

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tyler, The Creator payed the late night show a visit to talk about his new app ‘Golf Media,’ which really has nothing to do with the exhilarating sport at all. Maybe the name was a ploy to expand users by reaching out to golf enthusiasts alike? If that’s the case, they’re going to be terribly disappointed. But we don’t think that’s the exact mindset behind the misleading name.

Tyler goes on to explain his desire to have his own television network, but says creating an app filled with all his favorite things will be the best substitute in the modern era, apologizing to Kimmel after breaking the news that “people don’t watch tv no more.”

A First Look At Tyler, The Creator’s New Media Channel

An excited Tyler discusses how the app will feature some of his favorite shows, music and a ton of other cool stuff that will be available exclusively to those who download the application.

Besides his new app, Tyler reminisces on the origin of his name, ‘Tyler, The Creator,’ saying that it came about by accident on MySpace. “I did not plan this out at all,” the artist tells Kimmel. Somehow this shifted to a discussion on having his own religion, to which he replied with an enthusiastic, ‘not yet.’

Tyler, The Creator Says Odd Future Is ‘No More’

Tyler, The Creator would rather have his own cult, instead.

Dream big, Ty.

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