Trey Songz Talks Trigga Reloaded, His Relationship, & the Confederate Flag on Hot 97


Promoting the release of his new album, or shall I say reloaded album Trigga Reloaded, Trey Songz stopped by Hot 97 to talk it up about everything going on in his life as of lately. The singer, of course, talks about the reloaded album, his “complicated” relationship status, the Confederate flag and growing up in the South, along with much, much more.

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On Trigga Reloaded:

It’s a retake of the Trigga experience… The sound is much more flirtatious, much more of a summer vibe. So it brings much more of a summer vibe to the album that was already previously released.

On dating Tanaya Henry

We’re trying to figure It out. It’s difficult for her to step into my world, and you know, every time we take a picture – If you’re trying to develop a friendship and develop a relationship, and you have so many trying to break it apart or determine what it is before you even really know what it is, it kinda gets tricky. So, you know, a woman’s emotional and my days are busy, and I’m working very hard… We’re great friends. We’re not an item. We’re not a couple, because we’re trying to figure stuff out.

On the Confederate Flag

I think we all know it’s indicative of racism, you know, a seed that’s been planted. People use the excuse that, you know, it’s America and, like you said, freedom of speech. Being from Virginia, I’ve dealt with racism from an early age. People thinking I’m stealing just cause I’m walking in the door, like put the camera on you, all that. On my street, I’ve dealt with racism. It’s houses acres away, but, you know, I’ve dealt with that. It’s something I think we all as a people, from one point or another, have all come face to face with, but more so in the south. And it’s just proof we got to grow, man.

Wanna know what else Trey had to say? Watch the full interview above!