The Internet Loves To Watch Chris Brown Lose His Sh*t

Maybe all this baby mama drama is going to Chris Brown’s head.

Brown’s most recent newsworthy debut noted Brown for getting into a public argument while out to dinner with his ex (and baby mama,) Karrueche. Now, Chris Brown is raising eyebrows yet again. But this time for an action a bit more subtle.

Chris Brown Follows Karrueche Out Of Club, Argue In Diner

Chris Brown showed off his expert level Photoshop skills after posting a photo to Instagram of him in the backseat of Tupac and Suge Knight’s whip, right before Tupac was killed. Needless to say, the photo bomb certainly calls for unusual behavior on Brown’s part.

Like everything else controversial, followers took to Twitter to express their confusion and curiosity with Chris Brown’s latest display of madness. Check out the hilarious responses people had to say about the photobomb!

Chris Brown & Karrueche: A Definitive Timeline of Their Confusing Relationship