Texas Cop Placed On Leave After Pulling Gun On Teens At Pool Party

Source: gawker.com

Source: gawker.com

Take a good look at the cop pictured above. That’s what a coward looks like. The never ending tension between police and the African American community resurfaced this weekend in another ugly incident caught on camera.

McKinney, Texas police officer Eric Casebolt was placed on  paid administrative leave after a video of him tormenting a group of black teenagers at pool party made rounds around the internet. The police were called to the Dallas suburb of McKinney when reports of juveniles “fighting” was reported. Let the record show that McKinney is a predominantly white neighborhood.

Mr. Casebolt arrived on the scene and must have not seen action in much time because judging from the aforementioned video one would think the officer was reenacting his favorite scene from COPS on unarmed teenagers. Casebolt refers to the group of teens as a “mob”, pulls his gun on the unarmed teens and even tackles a girl in a bikini despite the girl crying hysterically that she wants her mother.

It will be extremely interesting how the conservative media (Fox News) plans to spin this act of cowardice and then say with a straight face that race did not play a major role in this. The NAACP announced that they will meet and conduct a thorough investigation. Let us pray that this video is the one that finally wakes up the rest of the country to the biggest war being fought on American soil–police vs. civilians.