Suge Knight and Katt Williams Sued For Assault and Battery



Suge just can’t win.

Marion “Suge” Knight has been sued yet again, along with Katt Williams, for an alleged assault and battery of a photographer. The photographer, Leslie Redden, says that in September of last year while she was taking pictures in Beverly Hills, outside the FilmOn Studios, Knight called her “b*tch,” and began to “angrily advance toward her,” assuming she was taking pictures of his son.

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The whole scene continues, according to Redden, when Knight threatens to bring another female in to “beat your motherf**king ass.” She alleges that he confirmed his violent threats when he lifted his shirt to show his waistband. When Redden tried to leave she said that a female, who she believed to be Williams girlfriend at the time, forced her to the ground, tried to take the camera away from her, and yelled at her to delete the pictures.┬áIn the end, Redden says she was left with a dislocated finger, along with severe neck, back, and head injuries.

This is Knight’s second lawsuit this week.