Shia Labeouf’s Intense Motivational Monologue Influences Hilarious Internet Remakes

If you haven’t seen Shia Labeouf’s delightfully obscure, 30 minute motivational monologue yet, then you better open up another tab right now. And yes, you have to sit through the entire video. It’s okay, we’ll wait right here….

Shia Labeouf & His Wandering Mind Certainly Know How To Keep Our Attention


Are you scared? Confused? Enlightened? Well all of the above are totally normal feelings to have. But we think the reaction most accompanied with the video is sparked creativity, just what Shia intended.

Shia Labeouf Blames His ‘Cabaret’ Arrest On Too Much Whiskey…And Alan Cumming In Leather Pants

Purposely isolated in front of a blank green screen, Shia practically begs all artistic individuals to Photoshop the background or place him into a movie or television scene of choice. And people certainly did not hold back, seeing as how he appears in even the most bizarre of situations. This includes the horrifying Teletubbies field and as an animated character in the video game, Grand Theft Auto.

Shia LaBeouf Takes An A** Whoopin’ In Sia’s New Video

Well, the internet took full advantage of the opportunity, and what people came up with is nothing shy brilliant. And did we mention hilarious? Because they are, all of the remakes. They are hilarious. Check out some of the ones we think are the best for yourselves below.