Shia Labeouf & His Wandering Mind Certainly Know How To Keep Our Attention

Disclaimer, in order to embrace the full emotional impact this spoken word has to offer, you need to set this baby on repeat once or twice more…and pay attention.

In this delightfully obscure, yet entirely profound spoken word, actor Shia Labeouf presents the world with a 30 minute motivational speech like no other. Isolated in front of a blank green screen, the 28 year old actor offers some of the most enlightening verbiage you will ever hear in your life, each different topic broken down into 30 second segments. And trust us, there’s a lot of topics touched upon.

Shia Labeouf Blames His ‘Cabaret’ Arrest On Too Much Whiskey…And Alan Cumming In Leather Pants

Shia does not once fail to demand full attention. With quick cuts, unusual angles, and altering his tone (sometimes dramatically), Labeouf proves to be something of otherworldly brilliance and knowledge. The star also isn’t shy to express his emotions, no matter how overwhelming they may be.

The overall concept of the video is actually pretty complicated to put into words. It’s just something you need to watch for yourself.

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Let your minds run wild…