Shia LaBeouf Goes Viral Again & The Internet Is Calling Him Out This Time

Oh Shia, what have you done this time?

It was just a few weeks ago when actor, Shia LaBeouf, took the internet by storm when his obscure 30 minute motivational monologue went viral. You know the one I’m talking about, it’s pretty hard to forget.

Well his delightfully strange mind is back at it again after a freestyle of his went viral over the weekend. However, this time he seems to be getting more backlash rather than wholehearted praise for his words.

Shia Labeouf & His Wandering Mind Certainly Know How To Keep Our Attention

Although the actor delivers what is believed to be an original composition, there are apparently two lines inserted into his freestyle that were immediately noticed to have been lifted from a 1999 song, ‘Perfectionist,’ from the group Anomolies. Records show they were pretty unknown, so if you haven’t heard of them don’t feel too bad.

Apparently, some of the Anomolies are still around and very active on social media. A member from the original group actually reached out to Shia to personally call him out on his actions.

“Mr. Shia Labeouf…You are re-activating my Battle MC inner being! You can’t rip songs from my ANOMOLIES crew, recite them in a freestyle as your own, get credit for it, then not expect to be called out by ACTUAL MCs!”

Another video surfaced soon after the first, this time an edited version of Shia’s freestyle paired with the actual audio from the 90’s track. Clearly indicating two of the lines were lifted, Shia is in hot water now. But is it really that big a deal? It’s a freestyle, not a song attempting to take in revenue.

Shia Labeouf’s Intense Motivational Monologue Influences Hilarious Internet Remakes

What people should be focusing on is the freestyle in it’s entirely because it actually pretty kick ass. Especially with a line like “I’m so underground the rap kids call me Tubman.”

What do you think?