Shia LaBeouf Acts A Bit Crazy During His Visit To Mount Rushmore

Shia LaBeouf may be celebrating July 4 a day or two too early this year.

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Over this past weekend(June 28), LaBeouf was spotted shirtless–yes, I said shirtless– at Mount Rushmore throwing his fists in the air while chanting “America!” The Transformers star continued being rather rambunctious when he made a “We’re #1” sign and posed with fans for pictures.

It gets weirder…



When an older woman asked him to calm down, he replied that he was a marine and then asked her on a date. (I would have said yes in a heartbeat obnoxious chanting set aside)

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The good news is that there may be an explanation. Shia is currently filming American Honey where he suffered a head injury while on set. So if you consider Shia’s behavior a little irratic, hopefully it was because he was not in the healthiest state of mind.