Rihanna Teases Fans With ‘BBHMM’ Trailer

Rihanna has kept fans waiting long enough and has finally announced when we can expect to view her video for “BBHMM,” during the BET Awards.  But of course, she had to tease us with an promising trailer. Incase you missed out, we have the video above.

From what we get from the preview, the person who owes RiRi money, is a rich woman with a frilly dog. We watch her take her time getting herself ready to leave, what looks to be a hotel, and that when RiRi pops up in her elevator. Rihanna is decked out out in gear that makes us think of Pirates of the Caribbean with a huge chest in tow.

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The woman barely knows what hit her, because the next thing we see is Rihanna dragging her huge chest from the elevator but the woman is nowhere to be seen. I guess Rihanna is gonna get her money one way or another.

“BBHMM” is scheduled to debut this Thursday as a TIDAL exclusive, be sure you check it out.