Rihanna Duct Taped Floyd Mayweather’s Mouth Shut

Leave it to Rihanna to show out at the BET Awards. The “BBHMM” singer not only debuted a teaser of her upcoming video but she also managed to accomplish something we have yet to see. RiRi managed to get Floyd Mayweather to shut his mouth.

The songstress arrived to the award show with an unusual accessory in tow, duct tape. When the cameras pointed in her direction, RiRi actualled flashed the tape towards them with a mischievous look on her face. Little did we know what she had in store.

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Finally when the show came back from commercial, the true intention of the duct tape was revealed as we see Rihanna secure a strip across the lips of Mayweather.

Was this a stunt or was RiRi just tired of hearing his mouth? We’re not too sure, but we hope to get an answer soon.