Riff Raff Confirms Sophomore Album Featuring Drake & Lil Wayne

The last we heard of Riff Raff, was his album Neon Icon, which released last year but now he’s working on something new to wow his fans.  As first reported by TMZ, Riff Raff has officially confirmed that he is working on Peach Panther, his sophomore album and it has some great features in store for us as well.

TMZ spoke with the rapper while he was leaving Katsuya, a Los Angeles restaurant and asked him exactly what he was doing in L.A.

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“Working on that big album. Peach Panther sophomore album.”

That’s not all he had to say though. Riff also talked about a few other artists we can expect to see on his album. He name dropped Justin Bieber, Drake and Lil Wayne.

 ”Drake might come through. Wayne, Weezy. I already got Bieber on the album.”

To hear the news for yourself as well as to hear where the rapper spends his free time, check the clip out above.