‘Racism Is Rotting America,’ Nas Speaks Out On The Charleston Church Shooting

An act of hatred, nine innocent victims were fatally shot in a South Carolina Church this past Wednesday (June 17) after a 21 year old white man, Dylann Storm Roof, opened fired at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Roof did not resist arrest after he was later incarcerated.

This act of sheer violence will most likely land the 21 year old with the death penalty, as it had been said by South Carolina’s governor, Nikki R. Haley.

“This is a state that is hurt by the fact that nine people innocently were killed, Haley said. Adding that the state of South Carolina will “absolutely will want him to have the death penalty.”

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As many artists took to social media to express their grievances and thoughts on the horrific hate crime, hip hop artist Nas spoke out on the subject at hand exclusively with Vibe, casting blame on mental illness, which the act certainly was a result of.

“Mental illness is something that I wish we could detect earlier on — from birth,” Nas said off the bat before addressing the racial issue about the shooting. “So we don’t have to worry about who’s who? Who are we walking around? Who are the people that we are living around us that are sick? That really need help.“We have to live our life in this zoo. How do we heal the people that are mentally ill today? How do we make them more respectful of each other no matter what race they are? Racism is rotting America. It’s been rotting America since [its] inception. So this is a very serious time that we’re moving into in 2015.”

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You can check out the exclusive with Vibe above.