Pregnant Kim Kardashian Goes On Epic Twitter Rant

Kim K

Well I think we can safely confirm that Kim Kardashian is indeed pregnant with baby numero dos.

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Yesterday on Twitter, Kim K went on a full blown, pregnant rant. The rant was so unlike her, that the star was even contacted by the social networking site, ya know, just to make sure she wasn’t hacked or something like that. But Kim K quickly assured them that it was in fact her pumping out the overly dramatic tweets to her 32.3 million followers.

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Kim seemed to touch upon a number of different topics while on her cray cray spree. The star denies the act as a rant, so we’ll just go with the term ‘cray cray spree’ for now. From denying surrogacy rumors,to complaining via all caps how sick she was that day, the star definitely attracted a lot of attention towards herself.

But mood swings are all a part of pregnancy anyway, so we should all cut the celebrity beauty some slack.

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I guess it’s true what they say, pregnancy really eff’s up your hormones. Feel better soon, Kim.