MURS Talks Strange Music & Touring With Tech N9ne

Remember when we told you guys to keep it locked for part two of our interview with MURS? Well, as promised, here it goes.

MURS Receives An Impromptu Lesson On ‘Mi Corazón’

G*FM’s Kymmi Cee continued her conversation with MURS. The two talked about some of the recent events in his life, such as his tour with Tech N9n, and why he thinks he’s a good fit for Strange Music.

Tech N9ne talks Skills needed for Strange Music, Eminem Feature & vision for becoming the “#1 Rapper”

“Tech N9ne fans are really vicious,” says MURS as he describes pushing through an injury during tour. “They want to see Tech. They don’t want to fuck with nobody else. So I had to come out with like my foot on their necks.”

MURS Talks ‘Have A Nice Life,’ #AllLivesMatter & ‘No More Control’ Record

Watch the full interview above and catch Part 1 here.