Mimi Faust: The Woman Outside of Reality TV

Mimi Faust

We all know the drama that transpires on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, which some would consider a guilty pleasure. We were first introduced to one of the main characters, Mimi Faust, through her relationship and crazy love triangle with Stevie J. With this being her fourth season on the hit franchise, it is safe to say she is no newbie to controversy. However, rarely do we get a chance to understand who she is outside of the drama.

I got to chat it up with Mimi to talk about her take on what has transpired thus far on this season of the show, as well as some other projects and business ventures she’s working on. The mother and business woman shares a different side of herself, outside of what we see on the show, and imparts knowledge on what she has learned from her journey on reality television, while lending advice on those aspiring to be in the public eye.

Interview by Tatiana Vickerie (@tatianadeborah

GFM: We see that there will be confrontation between you and other cast members. How have you been able to handle the drama thus far?

MF: It’s kind of awkward because you don’t know who you’re filming with until you actually walk through the door where the set is. You just have to deal with it. It’s coming at you and you either deal or fold, kind of like life.

What makes Mimi Faust so outgoing and very enthused about life especially while having to relive personal and sometimes negative moments on television?

I just really try not to watch it. I kind of just stay in my own world and really not focus on the negative and the social media and all of that kind of stuff. It helps tremendously.

As a reality television star, how do you balance motherhood and your business endeavors?

You just make it work. Again, there’s no rulebook for it. You just figure out a way to make it work. Before I wasn’t really busy, but now I am… It’s also good to have good people on your team. You have to find a good nanny, or babysitter or what ever the case may be. But to have someone trustworthy that can help you out is amazing.

We were first introduced to you as having your own cleaning business. So can you explain what captured your interest into becoming an interior décor designer?

Absolutely. I recently, about a year ago, moved into my home. And I went from an apartment to a five-bedroom home. So I had the task of filling my home up and decorating it; and when I say I loved it, I could be at Home Goods for hours. I would just get pillows, comforters and all the bathroom stuff. I just really enjoyed doing it. So, I did my house and people would come over and say “Oh my gosh, would did this?” and I would be like “I did.” They would say “You should come do my house.” And it really just grew from there, but I just really wanted to learn the business of it and the logistics of it and everything. So, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m doing the behind the scenes work. I want to get into staging and take classes and all of that. So, I like, really have a passion for it. I wake up and I just want to go design and pick up stuff for homes. I like to do that more than I like to shop for clothes.

Another business venture that we’ve seen on the show is you managing young and new artists. Is that something you’re still working on as well?

The managing thing…Um, it’s crazy because I’ve been in music and around the music industry my whole adult life and I have a lot of people that I know in the music business. And it just came easy to me, and I don’t know everything about it. But, you know, I’m learning.

Do you feel as though being in on such a public and controversial platform like L&HH helps or hurts your business ventures?

 Um, I haven’t seen that it’s hurt at all. It has definitely helped—for sure.

 So what are some business endeavors that you’d like to partake in for the future?

Oh my gosh, I’m working on so much stuff right now. I want to get the stuff I’m working on completely off the table before I start new things. So I’ve got my book now I’m in a better situation with that, and I’m moving forward with it, and my interior design line. So, I’m going to get those things off of my plate before I start…and I have other this coming that I don’t want to share because I don’t want to jinx it. But I have a lot of things coming so it’s going to be a busy, hectic year.

What can readers expect in your new book that you’ve mentioned?

It’s pretty much going to be my life from zero to present day. So, it’s very interesting.

Do you feel as though you have a certain responsibility to uphold for young women as a reality star or are you just living for you?

I mean definitely you have to uphold a certain standard. Did I set out to be that when I first started doing reality television? Absolutely not. But once you’re in it—I never thought that it would continue on as long as it has. I never thought I’d be doing this in the first place. So did I have a plan like, yes, I want to be a role model for young people—no, that wasn’t in my realm of things, no. But yes, now that I’m here, of course. You know, I’m a mother and there’s a certain responsibility that you have. You can’t be completely reckless and what not.

From your past relationships and experiences, do you have any advice for young women both in and out of the entertainment industry?

Absolutely. Really, the key thing would be trust your gut, your instinct. If you’re dating someone and you see signs and red flags, you should always pay attention to them. Never ignore the signs because that’s your gut, and your gut never ever is wrong. If you have a gut feeling about something, and you feel wrong or something is not right, you need to trust that feeling. You know, take heed to the warning signs because you’re getting those for a reason, and that’s happened to me before. I would get signs, I would ignore them, and then low and behold, here I am in world of shit, because I didn’t trust my instincts or gut feeling. So that would be my biggest advice to young women, you know, trust the warning signs that you get.

Do you have any regrets about having your life play out in the public eye for people to judge and ridicule?

That is a double edge sword. I’m not going to say I regret it. But, it’s definitely very, very difficult to deal with. I would not recommend this for someone who does not have a thick skin because it will, excuse my French, fuck with you—very bad. You have to stomach it, you know, the stuff people say about you, and complete strangers that have never met you, you know, and they just have the biggest opinion about you like they’ve known you their whole life. It’s pretty insane. So if you can’t stomach that, I would not recommend it. Like a lot of people say, “Oh, I want to do reality TV,” it’s not for everybody. It really is not. It’s a very, um, hard thing to do. It may look all glamorous and stuff looking in, but being on the inside of it, it’s a lot to deal with—a lot. You have your whole life on blast., you know, it’s kind of crazy.