Macklemore And His Fiancee Might Have Already Welcomed Their First Baby

mackelmore and fiancee

Although it has not been confirmed, it looks like Macklemore might finally be a dad—or, he likes to walk around with babies strapped to his chest. Although this seems unlikely, there’s no telling which is true because the news has not yet been confirmed. In fact, it was a photo that Macklemore took with a kid named Cooper Clark that has everyone speculating.

Look who we just met! Congrats on your new baby!!!!

A photo posted by Cooper Clark ( on

Cooper took a picture with Macklemore carrying a baby on his chest. The photo was captioned,  “Look who we just met! Congrats on your new baby!!!!!”

More than likely, Cooper spilled the beans, and according to his comments it’s a girl. When news broke that the rapper’s fiancee Tricia Davis was expecting, the two released an emotional video revealing the information was true. Like last time, we’ll hold off on the on the official congratulations, and send an unofficial one for now.