Listen to Niykee Heaton’s ‘NBK’

Niykee Heaton dropped a brand new track titled “NBK”, this past weekend, and we are giving it a thumbs up. The single seems to be a complete 360 from what we’re are use to from the guitar stringing, finger snapping singer.  Niykee dons a more street-like persona this time around

“NBK” is the anthem of a movement Heaton calls “Natural Born Killers.” The track is produced by Heaton who also teamed up with BONGO, which of whom is know for his work with Trey Songz and Big Sean.

Stream Nikyee Heaton’s Bad Intentions EP

What could’ve caused this “movement,” as Heaton calls it. Well, its no secret the singer experienced a number of frustrations with her label, All Def Digital. She wasn’t for people changing who she was “as a person” and eventually released a letter expressing exactly what was going on. You can check out the audio of the letter below. Of course, this came after a meeting with someone special, Kanye West.

Now that Niykee has taken things into her own hands, she has finally produced some new work that she is proud to call her own. We look forward to see what else this rising star has in store.

Niykee also wowed us with her acoustic ballad, “Infinity.” The song marks a pivotal moment in her career as she parted with her label. “Infinity” is both written and produced by Heaton. The heart warming song is about an eternal love is a reminder of the singer’s natural born talent.

Check it out below.